IPL T20 - Cricket, Glamour and many more

IPL 2016 proved itself last year. In order to start this idea BBCI has taken the support from cricket boards of various countries, so that they permit their players to play in the IPL Cricket League. They are being paid heavy sums for doing so.

T20 has given a new intending to cricket. Cricket started with check matches and went till day and now, its new format is twenty20. With the victory in Twenty20 World Cup Cricket Event in South Africa, this format has become India's beloved game. After seeing a lot praise, BCCI has tried and given it a new dimension in India with IPL T20.

Auctions of the players and the state teams have attracted plenty of giant business houses, bollywood stars and millionaires from all around the globe. These giant names that are paying definitely do make a difference in the game.

In India, people think about cricket as a faith than a sport. This passion for the game has written the success story of this format and league. This league has not given only cricket but plenty of entertainment also through Bollywood stars, cheerleaders, music, etc.

In this league there's eight teams representing various regions of India and these teams are combined with international cricket stars and domestic players. They play matches in the twenty20 format against each other. Every team will be playing matches against another team and the highest winners will be playing semifinals. The semifinal winners will then play the finale of the game. This gives the lot of action to the cricket lovers all around the globe.

IPL 2016 schedule is a league which gives a chance to the domestic players to improve their game and learn from their seniors. In this, every team has to play only 20overs. This is shortest kind of cricket which has given tallest of height to cricket.